I don't wear much colour. I was a bit of a rock chick, a bit of a goth, and very much a 20-something wearing Banana Republic in New York at the turn of the millennium. When my mother said, more than 20 years ago, "Actually, Sarah, the black suit looks better than the brown," I took that as permission to wear only black for the rest of my life.

But as I've moved through my 40s, I've started accessorizing with colour. First it was shoes and bags. Then I ventured into grey and dark blue clothing. I wear a few pleasantly neutral scarves and sweaters. And now, shocking neon pink and orange.

I couldn't relate to the idea that neon was a trend this year (again!), although  though I do own a neon yellow sports bra, and always like the small splash of colour it adds to my neck.

Still, it wasn't until I got a commission for "something with pearls and neon green" for an 80s-themed charity event that I landed on Czech pressed glass neon beads. Which, by the way, come in a neon rainbow of fun.

I started playing around. Now I not only get it. I own it. Neon and the middle-aged woman. Right here. With pearls. It does double-duty for an ageing face. The pearls add light, and the neon colours add brightness, charm and fun.

A small splash of colour at the neck. Why stop with pearls when you can have pearls and colour?