For months, I dreamt about stretch bracelets. So easy to put on! So fun to stack! And really, so easy to put on!

But ultimately, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I didn't want to make something I feared would break. The only downside to giving up the dream? Making a bracelet that takes effort to put on.

I bemoaned this fact to the owner of Stones & Findings, who said, "Here, try it this way." She took the bracelet and clamped it against her body with her wrist, clasp up, ring end down. She brought the clasp over and down toward the ring, and brought the ring up with her ring and little fingers. It took her about three seconds, not the 13 seconds it took me that morning.

So it's not the .3 seconds it takes to pop on a stretch bracelet. But it's enough to erase the downside of a bracelet that won't break anytime soon.