On Saturday morning, while the world was watching Harry and Meghan marry in unusually sunny England, the Pop-Up at Wychwood Barns was setting up in the rain. The cold rain.

It was the first market of the season, which runs alongside the established Farmer's Market, so vendors were dedicated. And so were a few shoppers, including the buyer of these beautiful pink studs, which shone even though the sun was nowhere to be seen.

Also shopping that day was an 8-year-old with her mom.

"Oh!" I said, "are you wearing pearl studs?"

"I am, but they're not real," she replied shyly.

"Well, I do have some real ones that would be just your size if you'd like to see them," I said, and found the 7mm studs.

She nodded. "How much are they?"

"$20," I replied, knocking a few dollars off the regular price.

Her mom stepped in. "Would you like to use your tooth fairy money to buy them?" She turned to me and told me she had just received $20 for having two teeth extracted, something I know from experience is a very big deal for a kid.

I wrapped her earrings with special care in a pink bag that had never seen such happiness -- from a buyer or a seller.