This year has taken, and given, a lot. It's forced us to slow down, which has allowed us to remove some of the excess in our lives. It's changed the way we interact at home, and the way we consume. (It's also made want to speak plainly here, intstead of being witty, colourful and fun.)

Overnight, online shopping exploded. People suddenly cared more about shopping local. Slow fashion accelerated.

And Covid has also challenged everyone one front or another, many financially.

We have a number of customers who have ticked all of the boxes they now care about -- local, handmade, charitable -- by ordering a dozen mask holders for their gift list.

Our bestselling holders and chains:

Mask holder with metallic leather or suede and two freshwater pearls, regular clasp ($25) or sterling silver clasp ($35)

Mask holder with nine freshwater pearls in metallic leather ($65) or suede ($75)

Mask chain in sterling silver with Edison pearl pendant for later use ($75)

Plain mask holders for men and boys in leather or suede ($25)

And for those who value upcycling as well as a vintage flair:

Mask chains made from vintage gold necklaces ($35-$45).

For each mask holder or chain we sell, we donate $2 (for holders $25-$45) or $5 (for holders $65+) to the Avenue Road Food Bank.

My kids and I see the line out the door every Tuesday when we drive home from school. It's been a reminder to us of the wider world around us, and I'm glad to have a part in it.