Last year, a friend asked me if I could make them a pair of double-pearl earrings like Dior's Tribales, which took the jewellery market by storm when they came out seven years ago. Now, tribal-style earrings are a fashion staple, and available in all kinds of finishes.

The purist in me couldn't help noting Dior's weren't made from pearls, but from 'cream resin beads'. I didn't have the tools to make the earrings, and sent her to instead, where at least there options made from real pearls.

This summer, a friend showed me her favourite earring -- a white pearl stud with a big, pink baroque pearl hanging from the bottom. It was indeed beautiful, so I started experimenting. Around the same time, I started working on long earring extensions, which could slide on or off a stud. And then I realised that my friend's earring would be perfect for a removable drop.

It took some time to find the right pearls for the drops. I didn't want white, since I wanted people to be able to use their own studs, and matching whites can be hard. Also, this style of earring is classic and formal. Adding a colour, and a pearl with interesting texture and shape, would make it modern.

I landed on a few options: a tidy, grey drop that is both hip and elegant, a larger, grey drop that defines elegant casual, and a big pinky-bronze Edison pearl drop that looks as good behind the ear as it does in front.

It is not Dior. It is not tribal. But I like it better. It's tasteful, accessible, and practical, three words I always want connected to Daily Pearls.