When I was shopping for the elusive studs that led me to make my first pair, I didn't have much confidence in buying them online. Most of the private sellers offering them online weren't showing the exact pearls I was going to get, and I didn't know enough about them to trust the process.

So I jumped ship, and made my own.

And now, I'm becoming a bit of a pearl concierge! You tell me what you want (off-white, around 8mm, not too wild, but still interesting), and I'll send you a few options. We'll narrow them down, I'll photograph them in a few different lights and from a few different angles, and you'll pick your favourites. And when you get them, you'll love them.

There are a lot of subtle differences between pairs -- from shape, colour and overall feel, and it's important to get it right. Because these are studs I want you to feel fabulous in every day of the week.

Photo of three options going to a woman who wanted pearls with a lavender tint. She settled on the top pair.